Quirky Online Classes

We've rummaged through our many courses to bring you a few of the quirkiest online classes available at the WEA. From gel plate printing to Ancient Roman gardening; take a look at the bizarre topics that are sorting you out for fun things to do all year long.

As one of the country's oldest and largest providers of adult education, we offer a diverse selection of courses; ranging from the skills-based to the fabulously eccentric. We've trawled through our nationwide course catalogue to bring you a fantastical selection of interesting and unusual online classes to keep you on your toes... 

Animal psychology: dog behaviour with Dr Joanne Wilshaw (C3533564)

What goes on inside the mind of man's best friend? Dr Joanne Wilshaw will be giving you an insight into dog behaviour during her introductory course. By the end of it, you'll be able to name attachment behaviours of dogs, the principles of canine learning and types of vocalisation, as well as be able to express the signals seen in domestic dogs.

Date: 29/04/22 - 24/06/22

Time: 11am

Price: £38.40

Cake bake: digital workshop (C2527780)

Our fun interactive cooking class will show you how to make a selection of cakes, tray bakes and treats. Taking place over 7 weeks, the virtual sessions will have you learning how to make a number of easy and budget-friendly recipes, as well as how to decorate them to a high standard.

Date: 06/05/22 - 24//06/22

Time: 1pm

Price: £44.80

How to make 3D paper succulents

Get crafty while creating your own miniature ode to the natural world with a brilliantly bizarre paper succulent class. Over the course of 90 minutes, you'll sculpt and paint a 3D paper plant and pot that you'll be able to take with you and recreate at home.

Date: 12/04/22 

Time: 7pm

Price: £5

Mythology in epic poetry (C3847547)

One of the best quirky courses taking place this Spring, this Mythology in epic poetry class is exploring epic poems throughout history and the mythical stories they impart. Alongside iconic writers such as Homer and Vigil, you'll also be exploring traditions and cultures such as Shahnameh of Ferdowsi and Edda.

Date: 29/04/22 - 08/07/22 

Time: 12:15pm

Price: £64

Simple summer suppers (C2423507)

Give your cookbook a refresh with a WEA 6-week online cookery course. Every Monday, Catherine Wilcock will take you through a simple and affordable recipe that'll have you practising a number of techniques to create delicious food that you'll then be able to re-make time and time again.

Date: 09/05/22 - 20/06/22 

Time: 5pm

Price: £28.80

Ghosts and witches traditions in the Spanish speaking countries

Arguably one of the best quirky courses in England, this unconventional 90-minute session will explore the different traditions of witchcraft and sorcery within Spanish-speaking cultures. Expect to be shocked, amused and intrigued...

Date: 17/05/22

Time: 6:30pm

Price: £5

Folk and applied art in Russia (C3533174)

If you're after cool and quirky classes, look no further. The hour and a half session is taking a deep dive into the world of historical Russian folk art, looking at how various objects and applied art forms were made, as well as the context in which they were created.

Date: 18/05/22

Time: 9:30am

Price: £5

The Gardens of Ancient Rome (C2347149)

It turns out that the Ancient Romans loved their gardens. Indeed, they even developed different types to suit a range of purposes - whether it was for a house, a farm, a villa, tomb, temple or a public space. Join WEA tutor Mark Faulkney as he takes a look at the characteristics of a Roman garden and how they influenced gardens across Britain.

Date: 18/05/22 - 15/06/22

Time: 11:45am

Price: £32

Gel plate printing (C2347029)

Want to learn how to print using a gel plate? Of course you do! You just might not know it yet... This fun and unusual class will see beginners and improvers alike making a range of decorative printed papers by using a number of techniques and your gel plate. 

Date: 20/05/22 

Time: 10am

Price: £12.50

Bach’s Easter Oratorio (C3533287)

This class is an absolute must for lovers of J.S Bach. This May, Louise Loxton will be hosting an online workshop where she listens and looks into Bach's Easter Oratorio, discussing why he wrote the music and providing examples of different interpretations of his pieces.

Date: 20/05/22 

Time: 1pm

Price: £5

Feng Shui for Health & Wellbeing (C3533512)

Feng Shui, or Chinese geomancy as it's also known, is a traditional Chinese practice that has been used throughout time to help create inner peace and to balance your yin and yang energy. During the online class, you'll find out more about the concept and how to implement it in various areas of your life.

Date: 06/06/22 - 25/07/22 

Time: 3pm

Price: £28.80

Foot reflexology for health and wellbeing (C3533510)

When we say health and wellbeing, you probably think of yoga and meditation. However, few think about the benefits that come from foot reflexology - and reflexology in general. In this weird and wonderful course, you'll discover more about the application of reflexology and a number of practices you can do using just a golf ball.

Date: 06/06/22 - 25/07/22 

Time: 11am

Price: £28.80

Summer Time Astronomy (C2347072)

These weird and wonderful classes will have you looking up to the sky and exploring the cosmos. Ann Bonell will teach you about notable astronomers of the past and current space stories that will keep you enthralled from start to finish.

Date: 09/06/22 - 07/07/22 

Time: 7pm

Price: £24

Wildlife Gardening (C2228585)

Whatever the size of your garden, Stephen Parker's wildlife gardening course is showing you the simple ways to make your green space that little bit more insect-friendly; from not mowing your lawn to creating your own bee hotel.

Date: 10/06/22 - 24/06/22 

Time: 7pm

Price: £14.40

Japanese braiding (Kumihimo) with a summer flavour (C2346735)

Sylvia May is putting a summery spin on the traditional Japanese craft at her interactive online arts classes. You'll learn how to make decorative Kumihimo disks that you'll be able to showcase and gift to friends, as well as learn more about the origins of the art form.

Date: 06/07/22 - 13/07/22

Time: 2:15pm

Price: £12.80

Railway Posters of Yorkshire (C2347227)

Take a gander at historic Yorkshire railway posters in our unusual online class. Look at the different coastal and rural places it promoted and learn more about the effect that these various ads had on promoting the region to travellers.

Date: 07/06/22 - 28/06/22

Time: 10am

Price: £25.60

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