Saturday learning: the best weekend courses

Don't have the time to study during the week? Leave the learning until Saturday comes around with one of our various weekend classes.

Are you more of a Saturday student than a weekday learner? Well, we've got just the thing for you. From creative classes and astronomy workshops to history discussions; here are a few of our favourite online courses at the weekend. 

Machine sewing for beginners (C2347019)

You'll need to have access to a sewing machine for this one... Karl Telfer-Banner is giving you an introduction into making clothing alterations. You'll learn a number of sewing terms, be able to cut out patterns, make your own project and use a number of stitches.

Date: 23/04/22 - 09/07/22

Time: 10am

Price: £70.40

Gentle exercise to music (C2347201)

Get your weekend off to a great start with a morning of light exercise to fun tunes. Suited for all ages and abilities, this class will also involve group activities alongside discussion, games and quizzes galore.

Date: 30/04/22 - 02/07/22

Time: 10:30am

Price: £48

Landscape and nation - Tom Thomson and the group of seven (C3747283)

Who was Tom Thomspon and the group of seven? Uncover the colourful history of these early 20th-century Canadian artists and the ways in which they portrayed the country's stunning landscape at this arts-focussed class.  

Date: 07/05/22

Time: 10am

Price: £6.40

Get started with blogging (C2347319)

Learn all the basics to blogging with this brilliant 6-week introductory course. Not only will you be taught how to create your own graphics, effectively edit your piece and properly promote your blog, but you'll also learn about SEO so that your online content gets seen by more people.

Date: 07/05/22 - 11/06/22

Time: 2pm

Price: £48

Astronomy: the universe in 3 hours with Mark Eustace (C2346702)

Mark Eustace is taking you on a whistlestop tour of our cosmos, complete with incredible facts, unimaginable measurements and a few stargazing pointers. Priced at less that £10, this is not one to miss for all the space enthusiasts amongst you, or just those of you looking to learn a little bit more about the great unknown...

Date: 07/05/22

Time: 2:15pm

Price: £9.60

The art of the Romanovs (C2423540)

Faberge eggs are just the half of it... Jolanta Jagiello is delving into the impressive art collection of the iconic Russian dynasty over the space of 6 weeks. You'll be looking at portraits, public monuments, royal gifts, priceless artworks, architecture and more. 

Date: 08/05/22 - 12/06/22

Time: 3pm

Price: £28.80

Day School: creative writing - finding your voice (C3747140)

Learn all the tools to create your own stories with this handy one-day creative writing course. Explore various forms of writing styles and practice how to effective share your narrative with the world all i the space of just a few hours.

Date: 14/05/22

Time: 10am

Price: £14.40

Women and the French Revolution (C2423209)

What role did women play in the French revolution? How did radical women on both sides of the pond view the creation of the new state? What actions did they take to have their voices heard? Throughout this one-off class, you and your fellow historians will take an extensive look into feminism during the revolution.

Date: 14/05/22

Time: 10:30am

Price: £11.20

Be Creative: Make a Sculptural Piece (International Day of Families) (C3533498)

When it comes to fun weekend classes for families, this Sunday session is a great choice. Gather the kids and spend an hour and a half creating a 3D piece of art using various items found around the house that has a meaning with each family member.

Date: 15/05/22

Time: 7pm

Price: £4.80

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