Nominations now closed

Awards ceremony 6th May!

WEA awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our student’s achievements and the quality of teaching and support our tutors provide.  

The awards available this year are: 

WEA Student – Career success 
This student has used their new skills to secure a job, start a new business, or progress at work 

WEA Student – Academic excellence 
This student has achieved academic excellence, or who has made significant academic progress 

WEA Student – Community contribution 
This student has used their new skills to make a significant contribution to their community 

WEA Student – Enhanced digital skills 
This student has significantly enhanced their digital skills empowering them to connect with people, learn more and/or advance their career 

WEA Student – Enhanced English (in memory of Olive Cordell) 
This English as a second language student has made significant progress in their language skills, which are now enabling them to play an active role in the family, community and/or work 

WEA Student Group 
This group of students have made outstanding progress or impact within their community, working as a team 

WEA Tutor – Student support (in memory of Olive Cordell) 
This tutor has provided excellent student support, allowing the student to succeed in their studies or in life more generally 

WEA Tutor – Inspirational teaching 
This tutor has truly inspired their students with their passion for their subject 

WEA Tutor – Digitally innovative teaching 
This tutor has been innovative in the teaching approach online, engaging their students and supporting their success 

Nominations now closed

Nominations closed on 24th February 2021.  

All nominations will be judged by: 

  • Chair of Trustees 
  • CEO 
  • Chair of Council 
  • Director Quality and Student Support 
  • Director for Scotland 
  • Director Membership, Marketing and Income Generation 

The WEA will contact winners, runners up and their nominees to invite them to the ceremony on 6th May, and may do a pre-recorded interview with them to be shared at the ceremony. We will also want to shout about the winners and runners up to everyone who will listen so we will want to use their names, share photos (we can arrange professional photography) and their story on our website, social media and those successes may be picked up by local media. Before making your nominations, please check that those you wish to nominate are happy with this.