Stop digital inequality in its tracks

With the WEA, learning is a lifeline - donate today

Our Digital Lifeline provision offers real hope for vulnerable groups in society who are marginalised due to a lack of access or skills. We can help them take the first steps towards online learning and enjoy the benefits it brings, such as social interaction and access to a vast range of essential services.

Digital exclusion is the UK’s silent emergency and the digital divide leaves thousands of people without the basic skills to access essential online services and confidence to operate a computer. For vulnerable people, a digital connection can be the difference between isolation and independence.

For more than a century, the WEA has championed access in society.  Our mission is to leave nobody offline.

Will you help the WEA to smash this hidden disconnect in society?  Our tutors have the experience and dedication to guide beginners of all ages across the digital divide.

Give the first step

The first steps on a journey are so often the hardest – but they are also the most important.  The WEA is uniquely positioned to lead this critical intervention.

  • £2 could pay for the development costs of learning materials such as an online pack for one of our students
  • £35 could pay for a tutor to deliver one hour of online learning
  • £39 could pay for a wireless router to allow one of our learners to connect to the internet and join one of our courses
  • £70 could pay for the design and print run of simple connection instructions to help our learners get online by reading a poster or leaflet
  • £120 could pay for one license to the online platform Zoom allowing a vulnerable learner to connect to our online courses

Stop digital inequality in its tracks

Online access is a basic human right. It’s also recognised as a social gamechanger, bringing rapid and long-lasting improvements to a person’s quality of life.  At the WEA, our mission is to leave nobody offline. Your donation will open a window to the outside world.

The WEA is determined to bridge the digital divide in society. But we can’t do this alone. Your donation will fund our outreach team to locate and then connect those in need. 

What can you do to help us bridge the digital divide?

Please help us to circulate our Digital Lifeline campaign far and wide through your networks, and donate at

For more information on the campaign please email [email protected].