The WEA's annual self-assessment review identifies strengths and areas for improvement in our teaching, learning and assessment practice

In the last Self Assessment Report (SAR) which was published in autumn 2016 we identified the following areas for improvement which we will address through the Quality Improvement Plan during 2016-17:

  • Our WEA Approach to Education and Learning , introduced earlier this year needs development so that it is used extensively by tutors in course planning and delivery. Check out our upcoming Webinar Programme to get us underway.
  • Sometimes our teaching methods do not have enough variety. There is in some classes too much reliance on lecture type approaches and not enough group activities or discussion.
  •  A large minority of our students say that their classes are providing low to moderate levels of challenge so it would be good to address try and provide some more ambitious activities inside the class and for homework.
  • Possibly related to this, we are not seeing enough use of differentiation in planning and the delivery of courses so that the different cohorts of students or individuals feel that their particular needs are being met
  • Tutors tell us they use a variety of assessment and feedback methods but students say that they are are unaware of assessment and feedback taking place. We need  to make this more explicit and ensure that we are using assessment minority of students tell us they do not receive feedback or are unsure if they have received feedback.
  • Achievement in some accredited courses is far too low.
  • Despite the change programme in place to improve English, maths and ESOL, as recognised in the EME Principles, immediate and significant improvement is needed some English, maths and ESOL provision.
  • Digital technologies and resources to support learning are not widely used.
  • Tutors tell us they would welcome further support, advice and development of curriculum resources on Prevent to ensure greater student awareness.