WEA Scotland in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) delivered a Health & Social Care Employability Programme to a group of students keen to progress in their journey into employment.  

The two-week programme delivered a mix of care related topics, as well as, employability skills including, CV Writing & Application Form Techniques and Confident Interview skills. It also provided learners with an insight into working in the Health & Social Care industry by work experience and also guaranteed a job interview at the end of the course.

LBG members provided students with one to one support as many pupils spoke English as a second language. The team assessed individual backgrounds, goals and aspirations before working with the learners to formulate responses to standard interview questions using the STAR method.  

The enthusiasm of the volunteers was matched by the students and both parties enjoyed the rewards of their time working together.

Volunteer feedback

"Last month, along with members of the Insurance & Wealth executive team, I spent the day in Glasgow volunteering with the WEA. We supported a programme to help a group of people find jobs in the care industry.  We helped with mock interviews and provided advice and guidance on how to deliver presentations at interviews.  The adult learners are now on a path to being interviewed for potential work placements and employment, having also been helped by other LBG colleagues.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and encourage everyone to get involved in volunteering - we all have skills which can benefit the local community."
Antonio Lorenzo, Chief Executive, Scottish Widows


Student feedback

“One to one working with tutors and Lloyds helped me prepare for interviews and helped me improve my confidence in answering standard questions.”
 Learning how to set out CV and Application Forms was really good – now have a CV suitable to care roles.” 
“Lloyds staff were very nice and friendly. Great support from all and one to one was helpful.” 


Although the two-week classroom element of the programme has ended, WEA Scotland continue to support learners as they progress into work placements/employment with our partner employers over the coming months. 

In addition, this programme will be used as a pilot for the upcoming Coaching Model which the learners were very excited to learn about. We have already started to identify students who may benefit from additional support from LBG colleagues who fail to move into work placements or employment immediately.