Take ownership of your life

Graham is a volunteer on the Reach Out project in Aberdeen.

Graham has been drinking alcohol and had problems with excessive drinking for most of his adult life. As a result he has had mental and physical health issues. 

He started attending the Reach Out project and taking part in the activities and it’s played a pivotal role in his recovery. It has given him much needed structure and enabled him to take ownership of his life.

He now volunteers on the project and says the project is life-changing for so many people. It helps them develop inter-personal skills, meet other people and move passed any difficulties you are facing in your personal life.

"You need to take ownership of your own life. The project is good for people, it helps them get out, meet other people... its great for integration. Its hard to get people out the house, especially if they have mental health issues. People need to build up their personalities and interpersonal skills. Its a really good place to be."


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