Discover far off lands

and travel stories from closer to home

Travel the world with us and discover food, history and culture from far off places, plus some rarely heard stories from closer to home. Click on the course title to learn more or enrol!

Spanish for Improvers
13/01/2021 - 24/03/2021, 6pm (ten sessions)
Revise simple sentences and how to form more complex sentences to use whilst travelling in Spain.

Spanish for Beginners
4/01/2021 - 25/03/2021, 4pm (ten sessions)
Begin to understand the language you will encounter when you travel to Spain as a tourist. Suitable for students with a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Discovering the Balkans: Bosnia and Croatia
18/01/2021-01/03/2021, 7pm (six sessions)
A historical and cultural journey through the Balkans to discover a bit more about Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will learn about the history, music, food and culture of these two neighbouring countries.

Oxford's Untold Stories: Migration events that deserve to be better known
19/01/2021-23/02/2021, 7pm (five sessions)
A chance to explore overlooked aspects of Oxford's history as we consider significant, interesting and relevant stories of migrants in Oxford, from the English Civil War to the Windrush generation.

Discovering the South of Italy
Coming soon!