Making Brochures and Posters

Creating and distributing eye-catching, informative printed materials is still one of the best ways to promote your Branch and its courses locally.  Something we are striving for as an organisation is brand recognition, and one of the best ways to become recognisable as a brand is through consistency: making sure everything we do looks similar, if not exactly the same.

Microsoft Word Brochure and Poster Templates

As the Web-to-Print system is still in its infancy, the national Marketing Team have created a range of A5 and 'DL' (three-fold A4) brochure templates, and some A4 poster templates, which are also available on the WEA's intranet.  This flexible system enables you to download a pre-set template but add more pages and change the cover image from a range, if you need to.  If you don't currently have a password for the intranet, email


To ensure consistency, we are moving towards a web-based design system called Web-to-Print.  This is an online design programme run by a partner company called Prinkk.  The system allows visitors to select a template and change customisable elements such as text and pictures; some elements, such as the charity number and limited company info, are fixed.  Documents can then be saved as print-quality pdf files, lower resolution jpegs, or sent for professional printing by Prinkk themselves.  At present, templates are limited to A4 course and promotional posters.  To find out more about how to access and use the Web-to-Print system, watch the instructional video below.