BBO Funded Project

Get Socially Active: Community Groups Strand

Within this strand we will work to match participants to employment opportunities by building on their existing skills and updating their skills to enable them to set up a community group or become part of one in Fishersgate, Portslade and central Brighton.

Our research has identified the possible areas of interest in each locality and the Get Socially Active Development Worker will work with potential participants to form community groups.

Initially, we will engage with potential participants, through forums and holding coffee mornings. Once participants have been identified, initial assessments will be carried out and an individual pathway planned. The pathway plans will be tailored to individual needs, and constantly reviewed as each stage is completed.

Courses will be delivered in the three chosen areas of Fishersgate, Portslade and Central Brighton to deal with barriers that prevent participants from accessing education, training and employment and build rapport within the group. The courses will be initial engagement courses and then longer courses to build skills.

At the end of a participant’s plan an exit evaluation will take place and support will be given towards job search, further education and training, or employment. Follow up work will be done within four weeks of a participant leaving and again three months later as part of Friends Centre’s progression procedures. Those participants that take part in the longer courses will have the opportunity to go on to set up and lead a community group.