Men's Matters

It’s a guy thing!

Pictured above: WEA students with tutor Grace Keal

Men’s Matters is a vital community group that is encouraging older men to socialise, learn something new and have fun. Group member Paul Samuels tell us more

Men’s Matters started in 2015 and grew out of the Men in Sheds idea, proposed by the community support wing of Radian Housing Association. It was initially aimed at their older male resident and grew out of a concern that some may be becoming isolated and lonely. The initiative has now broadened to include non-Radian residents, anyone in fact, in the greater Windsor area, including Slough and Maidenhead.

Men’s Matters is growing fast and has received funding support from three sources, allowing them to apply to become a registered charity. They will re-launch at two presentations held in Windsor (10 May) and Slough (24 May) to which civic dignitaries and partner organisations – including the WEA - will be invited. The group's stated aim and purpose is:

“To bring together older men, from all walks of life, to form friendships and develop agreed social activities within the community that contribute to their health and well-being.”

Men’s Matters is run by a Steering Group put in place by founder members Tim Walker (chair) John Young (vice-chair), Ken Bedford (treasurer), Stephen Taylor (secretary), Malcolm Lock (vice-secretary/membership) and Paul Samuels (fundraising).

The group has already held a number of activities, the most popular of which was How to Cook on a Budget, organised by the WEA. This was so well attended it ran to two sessions, and was expertly led by Kevin the Chef.  In March 2017, the WEA once again contributed to the growing list of activities offered to older men in the community by running a three-session course entitled, Managing Your Weight, run by Grace Keal. This was an absorbing look at how an understanding of metabolism and diet can lead to a healthier life.

 Men’s Matters hopes to grow into a group with a thriving membership and a fixed base to hold meetings, events, activities and for socialising. The group fully intends to help and support each other and seek help and support from partner organisations and charities to assist our members with the following:-


·         Re-discover a sense of purpose: Learning new skills and sharing knowledge;

·         Sense of accomplishment: personal achievement, contributing to the community;

·         Sense of control - co-participants in decisions and activities;

·         Social engagement - opportunity to meet and interact with others, a physical place to

spend time, develop friendships, enjoyment and fun.

·         Overcome social isolation and loneliness: re-build self-esteem, self worth, self image – feeling positive and valued; having a sense of belonging, ‘kinship’ with other men, and a sense of community.

·         Getting back to work or skills sharing and training others.

We wish all the Men’s Matters members well done and we hope to bring you more news of their achievements in the future.

For more information, contact: Madhuri on 0300 123 1567 or email

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