Before you start

A few things to think about before you start marketing your local courses and Branch:

  • Who is our target audience?  Whilst you cannot expect to appeal to everyone, are you considering potential students as well as existing ones? 
  • What are our marketing goals and how will we know when we achieve them?  Are you hoping to acquire X new students every term?  Will you undertake some reseach in to your marketing effectiveness?
  • Do we have all the necessary marketing skills needed to achieve our goals?  If not, how and where will we get these skills?  Do we need help from outside the branch e.g. for digital marketing?

"We've tried all this before..."

Really??  If you can honestly say that you've tried everything in this toolkit to promote your courses and they still aren't recruiting, you need to ask yourself some searching questions:

  • Are our courses right for our current target market or area?
  • Would we be stronger by merging with a neighbouring branch to increase our volunteer capacity and potential catchment area?
  • Is there simply too much competition, or not enough demand, for a WEA Branch in your area?