In charitable terms, a legacy - or bequest, in the case of property - is a gift you leave in your Will to support the work of an organisation which is important to you. Legacies are hugely important for charities like the WEA. Most of our funding - including the funding we get from the Government's Skills Funding Agency - comes with strict rules and outcomes which must be achieved within a certain period of time. That's not always a bad thing, but it means we can't often try new things or new ways of working in case we don't achieve exactly what we said we would. Legacies usually come with some stipulations - to be used in a certain location or to support a certain group of people, for example - but generally the person leaving the legacy trusts their chosen charity to put it to good use however they see fit.  It's thanks to this generosity and trust that charities are able to grow and develop as organisations.

Southern Region has been lucky enough to receive several significant gifts from Wills over the past few years.  Click each link to find out about each one and the work they support: