For many of our students joining a WEA course enriches their lives beyond the realm of the classroom, and this was certainly the case for WEA Student Marzieh.

Marzieh, who is originally from Iran, arrived in the UK in 2014 and she got herself a job in a bakery shop in Southampton. Although she was an accountant in her home country of Iran, she had a passion for baking and baked regularly for friends and family, so this seemed like the ideal job for her to gain the experience needed to pursue her dream and own her own bakery one day.

Unfortunately after just one month of being employed at the bakery, the owner had to let her go because her spoken English was weak and she was unable to communicate confidently with customers. Marzieh realised that she needed to do something about it, and that’s when she decided to join an Entry 1 ESOL class with the WEA in the Clovelly Centre in Southampton after hearing about the WEA from a friend who attended courses there.

Marzieh had little spoken English when she first attended the course and it took a number of weeks for her to gain enough confidence to start to engage more in class and attempt to answer questions without being prompted.

Marzieh gave birth to a beautiful baby girl seven weeks before her exams. She returned to the course just three weeks after giving birth and successfully passed her Entry 1 ESOL exams in July 2016. Her spoken English is improving by the day and Marzieh now plans to progress on to an Entry 2 ESOL course. Keep up the good work Marzieh!

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