Free Summer Workshops

The WEA and LBG: what are we trying to achieve together?

WEA have joined with Lloyds Banking Group on their first commercial adventure. Students come to the WEA for education which, for many, is the basic means to get a job. At the WEA, we believe that Lloyds Banking Group colleagues have expertise about how people interact in the workforce which is crucial to our volunteers. Lloyds Banking Group colleagues understand what skills are needed and can show our students how to use education to get a job.


As part of our work with Lloyds Bank Group we have a range of free employability workshops in Bristol.

Employability workshops are open to anyone who needs assistance with CV writing, interview skills etc and they will be supported by Lloyds staff who would also potentially go on and mentor them if they find employment. Further courses are planned later in the summer. Workshops are particularly useful to vulnerable adults, perhaps who are new to learning/WEA.


For more information contact the Bristol Office

T:01179 166500 E:

Or pop into the office 7 York Court, Wilder Street Bristol BS2 8QH