Parenting North West

Arts & crafts for families

Create stronger bonds with your children while learning through fun activities. See the courses available.

Helping in schools 

This pathway will give parents the background knowledge and confidence to become an effective parent helper in school and /or to help their children’s learning at home. More information about pathways.

Digital skills

Get key skills that will help you support your children's homework and guide them through the principals of internet use and its safety.

Confidence building  

A confident parent can, in turn, empower their children. Confidence is a lifelong skill that will help you and your children to achieve better outcomes in life.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) 

Job search

Are you an organisation? 

Are you involved in lifelong learning and/or upskilling adults and looking for a provider to deliver training to parents? Find out more information about our Schools and Parenting Pathway

What parents have to say about our courses...

“I’ve used my writing ability to deal with life as a disabled mum and now feel I can overcome any challenges I face.” Donna