A spooky night at John Archer Hall shows the WEA at its best...

WEA tutor Paul Tarpey attended a Halloween showcase of WEA students films. Here are his thoughts...

WEA courses will always provide guidance for a student's exploration of knowledge. When these courses are creative they can also connect you to an audience for your ideas. Janet Brandon's film making and animation courses equip students with some of the skills needed to produce exciting work, but she believes that her work should never stop there. 

Part of her work with the WEA is to showcase the work that is produced with her encouragement and from the endeavour of her students. 

One of these showcase events took place just before Halloween at John Archer Hall in Toxteth. The theme was obviously the supernatural, and the mix of skilful animation and ambitious short films provided zombies, witches and a succubus.  The films were not just entertaining, but full of ideas that were daring and challenging. Classic images of graveyards and haunted houses were merged with abstract poetic ideas, and outrageous comedy.

The whole night was really welcoming, food and drink provided, in a relaxed but professional setting.  It was designed to make the students feel both comfortable and part of an exciting creative event. The response from the audience, to films designed to intrigue them, amuse them and scare them, was amazing. The delight of the students themselves at receiving this outlet for what they had produced was clear, as was their willingness to produce something that worked well with the night and was aimed at a wider audience.

Inbetween the selected films students were given the opportunity to  chat with the audience and explain both the technical aspects of their work and their inspiration.  All of the students spoke about how Janet's approach had helped them feel relaxed and inspired. One student admitted she had become a groupie, and would join any of the courses that Janet was involved with. What was particularly encouraging was that the students had made connections outside of the course, and were working with musicians, actors and fellow film-makers.  

Janet's courses run regularly and don't require any level of technical skill just your enthusiasm. Janet will work at your pace, and will always encourage you to take your skills forward.  The films we saw at the event in John Archer's Hall were an amazing testimony to how students can develop confidence and skill from WEA courses. But just as importantly they showed a WEA tutor and students who have invested in each other's creative futures.

You can still sign up for Janet's next Film Editing class here: https://enrolonline.wea.org.uk/Online/2017/CourseInfo.aspx?r=C3840844

Or by ringing 0300 303 3464

You can also find a wealth of other film and art classes on our online course search: http://www.wea.org.uk/

And you can watch one of the spooky student films below..