• October 2018

Student Art in Hoole

Art & Craft courses are a a key part of the WEA curriculum, offering students the chance to learn everything from drawing, painting, sewing, calligraphy, photography, film-making and almost everything in-between. 

This year we have had some truly excellent work created by students across the region, including the annual display of group work in Cheshire.

Student Progression Award Winners - Booth Centre

The Booth Centre was a recent award winner at our Celebration of Learning Event in Manchester, picking up the Student Progression Award, highlighting the great work they achieve with WEA students. Running for over 20 years, the centre has been at the heart of the local community, helping those disadvantaged at a time when increased welfare cuts and austerity have had a huge impact. In that time, the WEA has worked with the Booth Centre to offer courses, and a way for students to improve their skills and express themselves creatively.