From Hong Kong to Manchester

Mandarin at Manchester Airport

Manchester airport Mandarin and Chinese Culture course

You will often hear enthusiastic tones of Mandarin buzzing around Manchester Airport Academy ….. as this year WEA joined forces with them to put on a course in ‘Mandarin and Chinese culture’.

The course aimed at creating an opportunity for local unemployed people to learn a new skill that would hopefully enhance their job prospects at the airport in a city that has seen an increase in Chinese nationals.

The course was designed after a conversation with Wendy Sinfield Community Relations Manager at the airport – who felt that students at the Academy were not always aware, or prepared, for the full range of job opportunities the airport could offer.

WEA tutors, Zhiliang Logan and Lorraine Kerr worked hard to put together this fun and informative course.

Zhiliang was a new tutor who joined WEA after completing the initial tutor training course at Manchester Chinese Centre – also a key partner with WEA in Manchester.

All students successfully completed the ‘pilot’ course and many went on to interviews and jobs based at the airport. You can watch a short video about the course below.

Wendy Sinfield was delighted with the outcomes from the course and told us that, “China is an exciting new destination for Manchester Airport and it is great to see highly motivated and skilled students graduating. Already there is great interest amongst service partners”.

As well as offering progression Mandarin courses at the airport, we are also keen to offer our ‘Mandarin and Chinese culture’ course to other employers in Manchester.

Manchester Airport Mandarin and Chinese Academy