Whisper it quietly, but there’s been a wave of creativity building in the SWAN Women’s Centre in Liverpool. A WEA creative writing group, run by their energising tutor Margy McShane, have been challenging the barriers life has thrown at them, using their imaginations to spark triumph from adversity.

Now having published their second anthology (entitled 'Our Voice', it was recently launched at the Everyman Theatre and was funded by the charity Come Alive Liverpool), the group show no signs of stopping there. With talk of a musical, and open mic nights, the students are branching out beyond the classroom. For some this is a huge step, with many of the learners remembering the first time they joined, unsure what to expect, and lacking the confidence to speak in front of the group. Margy and the group welcome every new student like an old friend though, helped massively by the great people at the SWAN Women's Centre. This encouraging environment not only fosters learning and creativity, but also empowers the students to find their ‘voice’, building confidence and skills along the way. Watch the videos below to hear first-hand the positive impact the course and centre has had, as well as a couple of performances by the very talented student Kathleen.