Case studies are one of the most powerful tools that any charity has. The ability to encapsulate what a charity is all about, and the difference it makes to someone’s life, should never be underestimated.  

Sharing stories helps us to raise the profile of the WEA in the media and marketing activity and encourages more students to attend our courses. It also enables us to showcase the work of the WEA to funders, government and other stakeholders to ensure we continue our work in communities across the country.

It’s easy to explain what we do and what projects you run, but it’s much more effective and memorable to tell stories about who we are benefitting and how the WEA has changed lives. Not least because people’s heads are moved by numbers and statistics, but their hearts, wallets and use of time are moved by real people.

We need your help to find great stories.

You can contact us via our online survey at or download our case study form here. Alternatively you can email: or send us a short video of the case study. We don't mind how you send them but we want to hear from you.