Welcome to WEA in the North West

Our region runs over 900 courses each year attracting over 13,000 enrolments. As well as running courses in the urban areas of Greater Manchester and Liverpool, we do have provision across all five counties in the North West including Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire. All of our courses are run by fully qualified tutors who are committed to making a real positive difference to people in our local communities. All tutors live and work locally and have strong relationships with local groups and contacts.

Addressing the needs and challenging the inequalities of people who are socially, economically or educationally disadvantaged is a key priority for us and we work very closely with key partners to make sure provision takes place where it is most needed - 65% of our students are living in deprived neighborhoods. We support local economies by offering teaching in local community venues using local resources.

Providing opportunities to support people gaining good employment opportunities is a key priority for our region. This can include vocational training, or preparation for further training and study. Despite facing many disadvantages, most of our students (over 86%) are successful in gaining a qualification and/or successfully completing a course.

Our region has been very successful in attracting funds to develop a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) programme offer. These courses will hopefully provide people with new opportunities to consider how science and technology can support them to improve their lives – in work, life and home. Our partnership with ‘The Royal Astronomical Society’, the ‘Royal Society of Chemistry’ and Welcome Trust has led to an exciting range of new courses on offer.

We have maintained a strong programme of learning for ‘Speakers of other Languages’ (ESOL) and as well as working closely to support access to work we also support people in settling into ‘new’ communities and getting to know ‘new’ friends. Courses aimed at reducing social exclusion include many courses aimed at bringing people together to improve health and wellbeing and citizenship.

All of our classes are delivered in the heart of the local communities working closely with partners to ensure people are fully supported to take part in learning.

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