WEA wins funding for Integrated Communities English Language Programme

The WEA is celebrating after being awarded in excess of £800K funding for the Integrated Communities English Language Programme from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The WEA’s ‘Together We Learn’ programme will engage those with little or no English through trusted community organisations and volunteers in London, Slough, Leicester, Sandwell, Blackburn and Pendle. Engaging with over 2,000 participants, the learning is focused on building confidence, knowledge and understanding of communities and the rights and responsibilities we all have as members of a community.

The WEA will deliver the programme from April 2019 and will work alongside local authorities and local partners to provide a local offer for learners that suits their needs.

Communities Minister, Lord Bourne said:

“Speaking English is so crucial in our day-to-day lives – whether we’re helping our children with their homework or travelling on a bus to do the shopping.

“This new programme is focused on those people who may be isolated by their inability to speak the language and help them better integrate into life in this country by making good use of local services, becoming part of community life and mixing and making friendships with people from different backgrounds.”

Ruth Spellman, CEO of the WEA, said:

“The WEA brings education into the heart of communities and this new programme will focus on building confidence as well as community and cultural engagement with the aim of improving social integration and building stronger communities. 

“We are very excited to be part of this programme and look forward to working with partners in the local authorities to offer learners a programme that suits their individual needs.”