WEA update on the use of Zoom for online learning

To ensure the safety and privacy of our online learning is maintained, the WEA have taken a number of steps to increase security measures on Zoom.
This includes ensuring all our courses/activities have passwords and use the waiting room feature. In addition to this we will be providing unique links to the sessions with passwords only available to the tutor and students on each course, this will mean that people can only join a WEA Zoom activity/course if they have been provided with the password.

We are also working closely with our tutors to ensure they are monitoring this closely and continuing to safeguard our students and provide a safe space for them to continue learning with the WEA. The WEA will not collect any personal data from our students via Zoom.
We will continue to review this on an ongoing basis to ensure we are using the most secure platforms for online learning. You can find more information on our e-safety policy by clicking here

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