WEA response to Prime Minister’s announcement on Level 3 qualifications for adults

The WEA welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement to promote adult learning as a key part of the economic recovery plan. 

The country is facing severe challenges with thousands of adults seeing their working hours cut or being made redundant. There is a strong need for investment in adult education, so that these individuals have the necessary skills to secure jobs as soon as possible.

The Government’s announcement to extend access to Level 3 qualifications to adults over the age of 24 is a welcome step in bringing education within reach.

However, we know from our own students that not all adults are ready to jump straight into a course at this level – particularly those who need Level 3 courses the most.

Too often there are barriers to adult learning, whether due to money, geography or accessibility – which explains why the number of adults participating in learning is falling. 

It’s vital therefore that the Government looks at all the steps in a learner's journey and invests in pre-qualification community learning. So, that adults are able to gain the digital and essential skills, like communication and confidence, necessary to succeed in Level 3 courses. 

We look forward to more details on the types of courses that will be available and engaging with the debate to ensure we support the country to recover.