New report states every adult should get £10,000 for education and training

Research from the UCL Institute of Education suggests School leavers should be given £10,000 to continue their education. The paper, published by the Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economics Societies (LLAKES) at the UCL Institute of Education, proposes every young person become eligible for the funding on their 18th birthday. The move would help to boost adult and further education, and encourage take-up of a wider range of courses, the research paper argues.

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of the WEA, said: “We’ve long argued for a national adult education strategy and, within that, ideas for overcoming financial barriers and increasing access for adult learners at all points in life.
“The call for a national learning entitlement is a positive step to support adult learners and to have important discussions around the level of investment that is required to ensure lifelong learning becomes a reality. 

“This proposal supports a “hop on hop off” approach in which education becomes a positive experience throughout life rather than a brief period in younger life, so it takes an approach we would broadly support.
“The flexibility around the funding in a model such as this would encourage adults to choose whatever form of learning or training suits them best and will help tackle the current system which provides too stark a choice for learners and has too strong a focus on apprenticeships and younger people.  Adults are as crucial as young learners and should be taken seriously. Their skills and experience are needed to address both the productivity gap and skill shortages.

“A system of financial support that encourages a broader and more inclusive system would be strongly welcomed and we strongly encourage the Westminster parties to give this further consideration and move towards a national strategy.”