Festival of Learning’s Have a Go Month

Festival of Learning is the biggest celebration of lifelong learning in England. The Festival celebrates the outstanding achievements of adults who have used learning to transform their lives and the lives of others, and, by raising awareness of the vast benefits of learning for individuals, communities, society and the economy, aims to encourage more adults to participate in learning.

During Have a Go Month, in June, the WEA will have taster sessions to inspire people of all ages to ‘have a go’ at learning something new. 

In addition to Have a Go Month, the WEA will also be supporting the Festival of Learning Awards and have nominated some of our incredible students and tutors across the country. 

Last year, Mark Goodwin, one of our tutors won the Social Impact Award.  Mark’s determination to include all types of learners in his sports classes led him to establish England’s first mixed ability rugby team. Under the inclusive model, players with learning difficulties and physical disabilities play full contact rugby alongside their able-bodied peers.

Mark was inspired to create a mixed ability rugby team in 2009, after hearing the frustrations of a local student with cerebral palsy – his local rugby club would only allow him to be the water boy.

Through the WEA’s ‘Inclusion in Rugby’ classes, which are co-produced and co-delivered by learners, Mark promotes the mixed ability model both locally and nationally and facilitates the creation of new mixed ability clubs. Thanks to Mark and his supporters, mixed ability rugby is now recognised by England Rugby. Following on from this success, Mark will launch a new course – ‘Inclusion in Sports’ – which will open up a wide range of sports to people with disabilities.

To find out more information on the Festival of Learning’s Have a Go Month please visit their website.

Watch Mark Goodwin's story.