COVID-safe face-to-face courses

As nation governments put in place increased social distancing requirements, WEA has responded to the recommendation to provide distance learning where possible and to continue with face-to-face adult education where this is not possible. 

The WEA provides essential learning, supporting many from disadvantaged areas to study in order to get that first foot on the job ladder, or to have standout against the vast competition when made redundant or needing to move on for other reasons. We also play an important role in keeping people motivated and connected where they would otherwise feel isolated. This has never been so important as now. 

We’ve worked really hard to quickly make available a rich online curriculum for our students to enjoy from home, but some learners and some courses really do need face-to-face interaction or a mix of classroom based and Zoom/Canvas learning. Good examples are our courses with learners with learning difficulties or disabilities or entry level English as a second language courses where students may also lack basic writing skills in their own language. 

For these students, we are determined to continue piloting our face-to-face provision across the England through lockdown and other social distancing restrictions and to work towards a fuller provision in the Spring. However, in Scotland, where more stringent advice is in place we are not yet able to resume face-to-face provision. 

We’ve been working flat out to ensure the appropriate risk assessments are completed, to make sure that any future face-to-face activity is delivered in a COVID-secure way, in a COVID-secure environment. All necessary precautions are and will be in place to make sure everyone is safe.