• May 2018

National Numeracy Day

Today is National Numeracy Day.

Good numeracy is vital to us all – and vital to the UK. Millions of adults struggle with their everyday maths skills. We know that poor numeracy can fundamentally affect people's lives and the wider economy. We want this to change – and we believe that change is possible.

Ruth Spellman, CEO, Annual Conference Speech

These conferences are special because they unite members of the WEA and remind us what a great organisation of enthusiasts we are. The theme of today has been impact - on individuals, families, communities, regions, and countries.

So while it’s a battle to maintain our current funding and we face some tricky challenges with both funding and devolution, we must keep the WEA going for the next generation. We need the WEA to thrive and grow so that access to learning is there through life and for everyone.

EqualiTeas – Celebrating Democratic Equality

We’re delighted to announce that we are an official partner of EqualiTeas, a UK-wide celebration of our democratic equality.

EqualiTeas takes place from the 18th June -2nd July and marks the 90th anniversary of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, in which all people were given the right to vote on an equal basis.