WEA Awards 2017

For over a century, the WEA has been in communities up and down the country, ensuring that adults always have the opportunity to return to education. The life-changing and life-enhancing effect of our classes – most famously immortalised by leading British playwright Lee Hall in the true story drama ‘The Pitmen Painters’ – is clear.

The WEA awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of those who have transformed their lives, and the lives of those around them, through lifelong learning. Now in its fourth year, the ceremony has become an important landmark in the WEA calendar.

Previous winners include: WEA Tutor Heather Dommett, whose indomitable support enables less confident students to take their first steps back into learning; the project team behind health initiative ‘Get Out Stay Well’, whose education programme tailored for NHS Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group helped reduce hospital readmissions; and WEA student Kansaikou Samateh, whose dedication to his ESOL classes has enabled him to forge closer ties to those in his community.

I have always been passionate about recognising, rewarding and celebrating success. Recognition is such a crucial motivator. It is a simple thing in both our working and personal life but it is often forgotten. Reminding people how hard they’ve worked, and recognising value plays such an important part in the WEA’s ethos - empowering people and building their confidence.  

It is vital to celebrate the adult education sector, where all too often many achievements go unrecognised. Many of our students are achieving educational success for the first time and have struggled against the odds to get there.

This year, we will be acknowledging the success and wider contribution of some of our fabulous students, educators and partners - and presenting the first ever WEA fellowship award.

You will hear from them on November 2nd

I am sure their stories and example will inspire many others. 

Who knows, it could be you next year!

Ruth Spellman
Chief Executive and General Secretary

Awards nomination deadline: August 21st.