Reach Out Project - National Walking Month blog part 3

Pizza to the rescue!

Each year a small group of students attend a residential as part of the Reach Out project. This year they headed to Lower Foyers to feel the benefit of the great outdoors despite the changeable Scottish weather. 

Ross Weatherby joined the students and offered us his journal for National Walking Month. This is part three of four, you can read part one here and part two here, with part four coming soon.

We wouldn’t be walking this morning. We woke up to rain, wet rain. The type of rain that seeps through layers of waterproof clothing and soaks you right down to your underwear. Stuck inside our tents we talked about yesterday’s walk while scoffing breakfast and hoping for the rain passes. One of our students shared, "I cannot remember a time I’ve felt so free from myself, the worries, the hurt and the pain."

This is exactly what we want to achieve through the Reach Out project. We want students to become free from their circumstances and learn to find spaces to explore and a walk in nature is the best place for this.

Thankfully, just after 2pm the rain stopped and we were stepping out into the sunshine ready for another walk. With heavy rain forecasted for the later in the afternoon, today’s walk was cut short and we headed Lochside to Fort Augustus.

We walked along the Loch for a wee while, (we said it every day) the views were incredible. We cut back and over through Lower Foyers and when we reached Upper Foyers we spotted a hotel. With the rain lashing down it was too wet and cold to return to camp and cook outside so, much to everyone’s relief, we stopped at the hotel for pizza.

Fuelled by pizza we headed back to the campsite. The route was all downhill and with tired legs and full stomachs it was a welcome change to the scrambling uphill of the previous day. The evening was dry and the stars bright so we headed to the water to take in the evening and pass the hours chatting about everything and nothing and before we knew it, it was late and everyone was looking forward to the warmth of their sleeping bags.