Introduction to Radio Production in Rochdale

WEA partners with Cresent Radio

The first Introduction to Radio Production course was recently run at Crescent Radio in Rochdale over six weekends, with twelve students taking part, who were all new to the WEA.

This was a move towards 24/7 learning and delivering a course outside of the standard normal hours.

This new model attracted students who would not have normally been able to attend due to barriers such as family commitments or work arrangements and resulted in recruiting a cohort of students who were all new to the WEA.

The course involved the participants learning all about radio, including presenting, production and journalism skills, with a final project of contributing recorded content to a live radio show.

The students also gained lots of transferable skills, boosted their self-confidence and had some fun along the way.

At the final session all of the students were presented with a certificate of attendance to celebrate them completing the course, by Andy Woods, one of the WEA’s Education Coordinator’s for Greater Manchester.

The students were also provided with progression information and guidance by The Growth Company (part of the National Career Service), should they wish to volunteer, find further education opportunities or employment in the local media sector.

The WEA in Rochdale is building a strong community partnership with Crescent Radio in Rochdale and will be running three further courses in 2019/20 with the first one starting in October.