Gender Pay Gap Improvement

Blog by Ruth Spellman 

We are pleased to report that our gender pay gap has closed based on both median and mean calculations. The median gender pay gap this year equates to 0% and the mean gender pay gap is -0.75%.

We have been using a range of strategies to achieve this – these include an Equality Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, flexible working and inclusive recruitment and selection.

However, we recognise that there is work still to be done and will continue to develop and embed these measures.

The WEA is proud of the changes made to drive this change. We work hard to offer our staff a number of flexible working solutions and these options allow employees with caring responsibilities to progress to more senior roles in a way that they would not be able to if they were restricted in the hours and place of work.

We pride ourselves on being a force for social change and closing the gender pay gap is very much a part of that vision. 

You can read the full report here