EqualiTeas – Celebrating Democratic Equality

We’re delighted to announce that we are an official partner of EqualiTeas, a UK-wide celebration of our democratic equality.

EqualiTeas takes place from the 18th June -2nd July and marks the 90th anniversary of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, in which all people were given the right to vote on an equal basis.

As a democratic and voluntary adult education movement, the WEA is committed to widening participation in learning and education with a social purpose.  For over 100 years, the WEA has encouraged generations of students and volunteers to become active citizens in their communities. This is part of our mission for 'a better world - equal, democratic and just'.

Working with socially and economically disadvantaged adults along with members of marginalised communities, the WEA runs courses to help students appreciate political and social issues. Our active citizenship programmes encourage greater participation in democratic decision-making while our community volunteering courses empower students to take a stronger role in civil society.

In celebration of EqualiTeas, we are encouraging WEA branches and regions to hold events and taster sessions to celebrate the right to vote over a cup of tea to share, debate and celebrate what equality means to you.

If you would like to hold an EqualiTeas event can find out more information here https://equaliteas.org.uk/

If you have organised an event you can register your event here https://equaliteas.org.uk/register-event/