Celebration of Community Interpreting Learners

On the 11th of October, the WEA and the Dolphin Women’s Centre held a celebration of achievement for our level 2 Community Interpreting Learners who achieved their qualifications in July 2019.

We invited representatives from Remploy and from Global Translation who are potential employers for people with this qualification. These representatives spoke to the group and answered questions on how they could support them in paid work.

We also invited our current level 1 learners so they could gain an appreciation of what following our Community Interpreting Pathway can lead to.

I chaired a group discussion asking learners how they had found their course and how they had developed as individuals.

All learners praised their WEA tutors saying how much they had enjoyed the courses. They had all worked in a Community Interpreting, some as volunteers and several in a paid capacity. Most said they would like to study for their level 3 qualification.

Several learners reported that they had grown in confidence as they progressed through their courses. One said that she had overcome a fear of making phone calls and another that she had developed her own English and now checks spellings, meanings of words and grammar on the internet when she is writing.

Another common theme in the discussion was how the learners had gained an understanding of and applied professional boundaries in their work. One lady said she is now happy to say no to a job she doesn’t feel comfortable with, one that she applies strategies to avoid getting personally involved in cases and another described how she is more aware of clients’ level of understanding and makes sure she uses appropriate language for different individuals.

A quote from the discussion summed up our learners’ development ‘The course has made me reflect on my accountability and responsibility’.