• March 2019

Creativity has helped me - Learner poem


Hello my name is Lynne Rawlings,
You haven’t heard of me,
I have a very happy life,
It's busy as can be.
Okay I’m in a wheelchair,
It’s just how I get around,
But I’ve lovely friends and hobbies,
To keep me safe and sound.

I write these crazy poems,
That hopefully make folk smile,
Plus I try my hand at painting,
And have done for a while.
It's ever so enjoyable,
I’d do it every day,
And it's so much fun attending,
The WEA!

Vince Cable Commission on Lifelong Learning

Blog by Ruth Spellman

Over the last year, I’ve been very pleased to work as part of an independent commission on lifelong learning, convened by Vince Cable the leader of the Liberal Democrats, and made up of experts in the fields of education and skills.

We were brought together by a shared belief that the emphasis of public policy and finance in the education sector neglects the needs of adult learners, and to develop policy proposals which would address this imbalance.

Women in the WEA

When the WEA was founded 116 years ago working class women had few rights: they could not vote and faced enormous barriers to employment and achieving equal status in almost all areas of life. Educational opportunities for all women were extremely limited.