My passion for work ignited again

Jason joined the Money Sorted in D2N2 project, which offers guidance to people in the East Midlands who are struggling with their finances. He explains how the WEA has helped him to gain confidence in money management, and then train to become a Money Mentor.

It’s surprising how quickly the rug can be pulled from under your feet. I was a successful electrical engineer with a smart flat in the centre of town. Within a few years, I was sleeping rough under a bridge. I thought it happened to other people. I’d managed to turn a lot of things around, but I still needed to wrap up some financial loose ends.

My personal navigator at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau put me forward for the Money Sorted course with the WEA. We did five lessons, focusing on building confidence and reducing anxiety around money. The big turning point was filling in an income expenditure form, which shows you where you spend your money. That was an eye-opener, I can tell you.

Rebecca, my tutor at the WEA, was just brilliant. I really appreciate the way she guided me, and she has inspired me to train as a Money Mentor myself. You get the chance to share your knowledge of situations and help steer others on a course that’s perhaps better than the one they’re already on. Getting someone else out of the situation I was in and into a good place would feel awesome. It really would. People can get themselves into a terrible mental hole around finances. I've been there myself. Bills go straight in the bin. It all becomes way too much and you need somebody to pull you out.

Money Sorted is an invaluable service. You’re learning real-life skills: proper in-depth stuff. It got my passion for work ignited again.

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Rebecca, my tutor at the WEA, was just brilliant. I really appreciate the way she guided me.


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