Find your passion with the WEA

February is here and we are launching our Love To Learn campaign, which focuses on finding a new passion with the WEA. Have you always wanted to start a new hobby? Or do you have hidden talent that you'd love to explore further? Then kick-start your learning today.

Finding a passion can be both exciting and rewarding, and can help you expand your skills further. The WEA have a variety of courses to choose from as seen below.

Valentine's Day takes place on 14th February and it will be a special time to share the gift of learning with your loved ones. Find out what inspires them - such as creative writing and poetry courses to capture their imagination. Plus, your friend or family member may want to learn more about arts and crafts, such as learning to paint and draw. Help them create their first masterpiece with a WEA course. Don't forget to make time for yourself too - finding your special "me-time" is key to improving your wellbeing. Why not try out our exercise courses to help you feel more relaxed?

Get started today with our recommended courses below, or pop in your postcode to see what's on near you.  

East Midlands: Learn about tai chi, sewing, creative writing and more. Find a course here. 

Eastern: Learn about health and wellbeing, history, online tasters and more. Find a course here. 

London: Learn about painting, drawing, history and more. Find a course here. 

North East: Learn about cooking, baking, singing and more. Find a course here.

North West: Learn about art, media or try our online tasters and lots more. Find a course here.

South West: Learn about digital photography, arts and crafts, and more. Find a course here.

Southern: Learn about painting, health and wellbeing, history and more. Find a course here.

West Midlands: Learn about sewing, health and wellbeing, history and more. Find a course here.

Yorkshire and Humber: Learn about arts and crafts, reiki, a new language and more. Find a course here. 


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