The East End of London is where the Workers’ Educational Association was first founded in 1903 and we have been bringing education to the communities of London ever since.

We’re not like most other providers in London – we bring the education to you and it takes place in your own local meeting places.   And it’s also local people who plan what courses are provided through our volunteer-led branches or through our many partnerships with local community organisations who represent the needs of different groups in our society – including migrant organisations; Housing Associations; children’s centres and schools; health and welfare organisations.   

Many of our students feel for a whole range of reasons, that their education so far has not provided the best experience or equipped them for today’s complex world.   So we offer a really wide range of subjects and courses through which people can learn new skills and get accreditation or which provide valuable stimulation and wider understanding of the world in which we live.

We organise our courses through four thematic areas that enable students to follow pathways of progression for different purposes:

This approach means there can be a mix and match of courses that together can help students move in the direction that suits them best.

View and download our 2019-2020 WEA London brochure below.

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