Reasons to choose us

1. Our People

We have wonderful tutors teaching everything from archaeology to Zombie Capitalism (yes, it’s a genuine course!) who are always on hand to support and guide you with whatever you choose to learn.

Our tutors are incredibly knowledgeable and approach each session with energy and enthusiasm. They encourage everyone to give their ideas and opinions, making sure that students get as much from the sessions as possible. Above all else, our tutors are approachable - which is why people from all walks of life enjoy learning with the WEA.

2. We’re on your doorstep

We bring teaching into the heart of local communities , so our classes take place in settings that students feel comfortable in. Our venues range from community centres, village halls, places of work and even pubs.

3. We give you that happy feeling

Enrolling on a course can be the perfect way to de-stress and find that ever-elusive ‘me-time’. Our students have higher levels of life satisfaction, wellbeing and happiness (measured according to the ONS subjective wellbeing scale) which they credit to lifelong learning.

Dedicating time to do something you love can do wonders for your mood, self-esteem and confidence. What are you waiting for?