West Midlands Region
Contract type
Fixed term part-time
Varable dependant on Teaching Contract
£24.50 an hour
Summary description
We have opportunities for Tutor roles in the West Midlands region

As a Sessional Tutor you are required to carry out the following duties in the context of the WEA’s policies and practices, particularly Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety and Data Protection, and those of any host organisations, including informing students of their obligations:

  1.  Plan, deliver and report on your course, using methods and materials appropriate to the student group and course content. A scheme of work, course outline and lesson plans should be used for this and made available to the Education Coordinator, class visitor or inspector when required.
  2. Prepare/adapt appropriate teaching materials. (N.B Preparation time is implicit in calculations of tutor remuneration).
  3. Identify/assess the needs of students and if necessary adapt course content and delivery style to meet these needs. Where a course is inappropriate for a student direct them to another course or provider. Deal appropriately with individual student support needs, using the appropriate forms and recording the required evidence as per the guidelines provided. Advice or assistance can be provided by the Education Coordinator, Education Support Assistant or the Tutor Support Team in the relevant Support Centre.
  4. Comply with the WEA policy on Equality and Diversity so that all students are treated with respect and dignity in an environment in which a diversity of backgrounds and experience is valued. Deal with any harassment or discrimination issues that arise.
  5. Discuss Learning Outcomes or Moderation Requirements with students as the course proceeds.
  6. Enable your students to participate in the WEA by affording time for distribution of any relevant notices or information, and ensuring they know about the organisation and how they can become a voluntary member.
  7. Liaise with Branch/Centre Head/Caretaker to be aware of venue, resources and administration, including procedures in case of fire and other health and safety issues.
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of learning. Assess students’ work. Keep records of students’ progress and ensure students are given feedback on their progress.
  9. Offer advice on further learning and progression opportunities to students as required.
  10. Ensure that all required paperwork, including enrolment forms, learning outcomes forms, Tell Us About It! forms, awarding body paperwork and other registration forms and course registers, including the Tutor’s Report and Claim Forms are returned to the relevant Support Centre, within two weeks of the end of the course (It is vital for funding purposes that these documents are received promptly).
  11. Undertake continuing professional development required to maintain your professional status. Attend relevant induction and training meetings as required by the WEA. It is essential that you attend at least one briefing event per year.
  12. Where appropriate, attend moderation meetings.
  13. Maintain contact with your Education Coordinator, and inform her/him immediately of any changes, cancellations, or other significant problems. In an emergency please contact the Tutor Support Team in the relevant Support Centre. Maintain contact and liaise with Branch or Partner organisation, where appropriate.
  14. Represent the WEA throughout the course.

Any other duty which, from time to time, may reasonably be required to meet the needs of the WEA and the funders and is within the remit of this post. If you are interested in becoming a WEA Tutor please send your CV to recruitment@wea.org.uk