South Yorkshire
£12.61 per hour
Summary description
Various courses led by the WEA require life models to sit for sessions ranging up to 2.5 hours. Modelling sessions take place at a number of community and education venues,  depending on the course.

Life models sought:

Various courses led by the WEA require life models to sit for sessions ranging up to 2.5 hours. Modelling sessions take place at a number of community and education venues,  depending on the course.

What does the role entail?  

The role requires posing, as still as possible, without clothing, in a class of up to 20 people. You will be supported and directed by the class tutor.

The poses range from very short ones of 5 minute or less, to longer poses where the model will be requested to hold a pose for 30 minutes or longer (with regular and suitable breaks).

Duties and responsibilities

  1. To model for life classes (i.e. modelling unclothed) for various courses.
  2. Reliable and professional provision for classes for WEA students

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking a model to work with our tutors to set poses which are interesting for the class to draw and illustrate the human form.

  • We’re not looking for perfect bodies! The students are only looking to represent your image not to judge your appearance. Age and physical ability are not important. However, the model should be able to take on and retain a variety of poses which can be a physical strain; therefore reasonable levels of fitness, muscle tone, stamina and flexibility are helpful, though not essential, to both model and class.
  • A good physical memory is helpful to get back into pose.
  • Someone comfortable with their body being art of a creative discussion.
  • Reliability is very important, as it can be very hard to find replacement models at short notice, and the class have a limited number of classes set.
  • The model should be able to take direction from the tutor. Please do share your ideas with the tutor, but be prepared to accept that they may already have a plan or focus for the session.
  • A model is not just a person who stands still – a model is part of the class, and any tutor or artist will tell you that the character of the person modelling has an impact on the work.

PERSON SPECIFICATION    Job title: Life Model


Essential requirements

Desirable requirements

Education and qualifications

No formal requirements

Some previous education in Art would be valued but not required.

Experience and knowledge

Previous experience is not essential

Previous experience modelling either clothed or unclothed

Skills and personal requirements

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • A friendly and approachable manner
  • Punctuality
  • Models must be comfortable to model unclothed, occasionally for long periods of time

Reasonable levels of fitness, muscle tone, stamina and flexibility


In the class

The Tutor will provide a space where you can disrobe in private. Please avail yourself of this – for many, the act of disrobing is seen differently to posing.

Please put on a robe if you are wandering around the class at breaks.

As an experienced model, the tutor may ask you to choose your own poses, particularly for quick-fire poses. Do ask the tutor if you wish for direction.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please give the tutor enough warning so that they can find a replacement model for the class.

Conditions for you, the model

You are an integral part of the class and your comfort and safety take precedence over the creative process. You, as the model, are the best person to assess whether the pose is harmful to you in any way, and should refuse to pose or stop the pose if you are uncomfortable or coming to harm.  

These are some guidelines for you and your tutor:

  • The Tutor will provide a space where you can disrobe in private and store your belongings safely.
  • The tutor shall ensure that the room is private and you are not exposed to view from outside the class.
  • The tutor should ensure that the space is safe – easels properly put together, drawing boards secured, props are stable, and the floor is checked for sharp objects – drawing pins etc.
  • The room should be reasonably clean and free from hazardous dust eg from ceramics or other hazardous substances.
  • You should be provided with clean props, to cover cushions, mattresses and other props, and clean mats for the floor etc.
  • The room should be set at a comfortable temperature for you, not the tutor or the class. Tell the tutor if you are cold or even too hot. 
  • The tutor should give you direction in devising a pose.  The pose should be comfortable for you for the period of time you are posing.
  • The tutor should keep to the time set for the pose unless you agree that the pose can be extended.
  • It is helpful if you can actually see a clock – ask the tutor if they can put the clock in your field of vision, or let you know the time regularly.
  • You should have regular breaks where you can move around. If you are uncomfortable at any time, do tell the tutor so that they can allow an additional break.
  • You are not under any obligation to speak to or have social contact with any member of the class if you do not wish.   If anyone behaves inappropriately towards you, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, inform the tutor who will take action. You are free to leave the class at any time that you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.
  • In the event of a fire drill, ask the tutor to assist you to leave the building.
  • Art materials. Students may use white spirit, fixative sprays or other solvents in their artwork. If this is affecting you in any way, ask the tutor to suspend the class until you are comfortable. If you have a sensitivity to any materials, please tell the tutor and class beforehand.
  • The tutor should leave time at the end of the class for you to dress.

To apply for this role please email your CV and a cover letter/email to recruitment@wea.org.uk. We encourage you to apply in advance of the given closing date as we reserve the right to close this vacancy when we have received sufficient number of applications.

Closing date and time