The power of passion and determination

Sadiq arrived in the UK as part of a relocation scheme of Afghan nationals to the UK after working as a security guard for the UK military base.

With no formal schooling in Afghanistan, Sadiq didn’t learn to read or write when he was growing up. He joined the WEA North Ayrshire Council ESOL and Employability Project and showed his determination and skills. 

In his six-week work experience programme, he worked one day a week to build up his conversational English skills and gained confidence in English speaking environments.  As a result, he was offered a job. 

Sadiq is now working 24 hours per week and is going to do further CPD to boost the sustainability of his employment. 

Sadiq understands that this is still a part of the journey and there are areas for him to develop including in reading and writing, and he is making the most of every learning opportunity. Sadiq has demonstrated passion in every area of his work. He has inspired other people in the project and is committed to his work.

His enthusiasm in learning and making the most of every learning opportunity is apparent, not only in his actions but throughout his entire family.


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