Hava's story

Hava is a remarkable student. Originally a maths teacher in Istanbul, Turkey, Hava was eager to continue sharing her knowledge. When she attended her first class with the WEA, she had low levels of English language skills but did not let that be a barrier for her not to succeed. Since 2016 Hava has completed the Level 2 support work in schools and colleges, progressed on to more specialist SEND courses with the WEA and this year has been accepted to study PGCE Maths at the University of Oxford. 

Now a fluent English speaker, Hava has been working as a support worker in schools within Oxford. Her kind nature and passion for learning have seen her support not only children in schools but her peers in class too. She cares deeply for the wellbeing of others and has spoken at schools about her aspirations and achievements, as well as supporting at refugee events within Oxford.

She is an outstanding role model and an inspiration to her fellow students. Her incredible achievements have been shared locally so that her story continues to raise the aspirations of fellow ESOL students, refugees and women and to challenge the stereotypical attitudes towards these groups.

My life is getting easier thanks to the WEA and I will start taking my PGCE Maths at Oxford University soon.

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