Amanda French

I have worked in higher, further and adult education in the West Midlands for over 26 years. Until 2001 I was employed by the WEA as a Basic Skills Co-ordinator. Since then, I have remained a supporter of the WEA, volunteering on West Midlands Regional Committee. I’m currently a Senior Researcher and Co-Director of the Centre for Studies in Practice and Culture in Education at Birmingham City University.

Harleen Sidhu

I was previously a research intern in the WEA West Midlands region and during this time I enjoyed contributing to the first Impact Survey and Impact Report in 2014. Since then, I have remained a supporter of the WEA and actively seek to raise the profile of the Association through voluntary activities.

Lily Hamourtziadou

Lily is a Keele University Graduate and has worked as a lecturer, a teacher, a researcher, analyst and writer for the Iraq Body Count and the UNHCR, as well as a WEA tutor. Lily teaches Global Politics and Political Theory and tries to give her students the tools to understand their world and their role in it, to know their rights, to think critically, to participate in their communities, and to be confident that they can bring about change, whatever their age or ethnic background.

Martin Yarnitt

I’ve been aware of the WEA over many years, having been involved in different capacities: both as a tutor organiser in Liverpool and also through my work with the Community Learning Champions. Most recently I’ve been involved with the Association through my involvement in Talk Shop with the WEA in 2014 and 2015.