Marjorie Mayo

From my first involvement with the WEA, as a tutor in Ruskin College in Oxford, I’ve subsequently collaborated with the WEA on learning for active citizenship programmes and on related research and publications. I am part of the ‘Take Part’ network on learning for active citizenship, the International Association for Community Development and have Trade Union education contacts.

Mona Nashed

I teach in Tower Hamlets, an area that attracts students from the diverse local community. After winning an award in late 2014 for my work as a tutor, I decided to become a WEA Ambassador. I plan to continue teaching and encouraging my students as a way of spreading the word about the WEA.

Paul Simpson

I am particularly interested in the core theme of community engagement including active citizenship, educational programmes about social and cultural issues and education for democracy. I have worked with UNISON in building social partnerships for workplace learning between unions, employers and educational providers. I have also worked on the steering group of the Bridges to Learning project in the North East.