Since 1903, the WEA has been making the case for the value of adult education to people and communities.

The WEA is a charity and must only campaign within very strict guidelines but we are able to promote the benefits of adult education and we regularly correspond with Parliamentarians, policy-makers and others who can influence funding, policy and practice.

The WEA’s campaigning gets its strength from the size and passion of our membership. Whether it is a single letter to a Minister or a broader campaign involving hundreds of WEA supporters, it carries weight because it represents the views of thousands of learners, tutors and volunteers who all value adult education.

See our current and past campaigns below.

Current campaigns

Past campaigns

  • Grow Together - Learn Together. Our campaign #WEAparenting celebrated the positive impact of adult learning on families. 
  • Mayoral Elections in six regions of England. Our campaign #AdultLearningCounts encourages all the candidates to take up a pledge which recognises the importance of adult education.
  • Our #SaveAdultEducation campaign back in 2015 resulted in a petition of over 11,000 being delivered to Downing Street and hundreds of supporters writing to their local MP. As a result, the government announced it was protecting funding for the core adult skills participation budget.

If you would like to find out more, become a member of the WEA and join a movement for adult education.