Nominations are now open

The WEA Educational Impact Awards recognise and reward exceptional students, tutors, volunteers, staff and partners.

Now in their seventh year, the WEA Educational Impact Awards celebrate students, tutors, volunteers, partners and staff who have transformed their own lives and the lives of those around them through lifelong learning. Anyone working, teaching, volunteering or studying with the WEA in England or Scotland between 1st January 2018 and 31st July 2019 can be nominated for a WEA Educational Impact Award.

The awards are a great opportunity to share and celebrate success stories across the WEA. These stories help us share the mission of the WEA to a wider audience.

  • They help inspire new and existing students.
  • They raise the profile of adult education.
  • They help secure funding to increase our provision.

For inspiration, read about last year's winners here.

Once you’re ready, you can use this form to draft the nomination before submitting online via this link. We recommend you draft on paper as the online form times out. You can submit more than one nomination, but please complete a separate form for each.

Nominations close Tuesday 3rd September 2019– so there’s plenty of time to support your submissions.

Ready? Click here to complete the nomination form online

  • Outstanding student: What student has been a real inspiration this year? Who has overcome barriers and achieved beyond expectations? Who lights up the classroom with their enthusiasm and inspires other students?
  • Outstanding student group: Sometimes it’s a team effort. What student group has, through collaborative learning, shown what adult education can do? Has a student group changed their community? Or changed the lives of each other?   
  • Outstanding Volunteer: Without them, we’d be nowhere. Who volunteers their time to ensure the WEA achieves their mission? Who supports others? Who continues to inspire and encourage staff, students and tutors to achieve?
  • Impact in your local community: What branch or volunteer team has made a difference to their local community? Which group has spread the word of the WEA? Who has made a change locally?
  • Outstanding tutor: This is for the tutor that goes above and beyond. For the tutor who encourages students who want to give up and helps them achieve. This award is for tutors teaching non foundation curriculum areas
  • Outstanding staff member/team: What staff member or team has supported the WEA to achieve its objectives this year? Who has been the cornerstone of the office? Who is solutions focused in difficult times?
  • National Partner of the year: What partner has supported the WEA to achieve this year? Who has helped to maximise resources, raised educational aspirations and supported students to achieve their potential?
  • Outstanding regional partner: What partner has supported locally to achieve this year? Who has helped to maximise resources, raised educational aspirations and supported students to achieve their potential?
  • Social Impact award: Who as an individual or group, through their passion and determination, has inspired others around them to embrace learning opportunities and achieve their potential?
  • Olive Cordell foundation tutor: What tutor has shown outstanding commitment to students and delivered high quality and motivating teaching with good results for students in English, Maths, ESOL or Digital Curriculum?
  • Olive Cordell foundation student: Which student has overcome substantial barriers to learning, achieving beyond their own expectations and inspiring fellow learners in the subjects: English Maths, ESOL or Digital Curriculum?

If you have any questions about the WEA Awards, please drop us an e-mail at