The aim of the Educational Impact Awards, previously known as WEA Awards, is to recognise and reward exceptional students, tutors, volunteers, staff and partners.  

Anyone working, teaching, volunteering or studying with the WEA in England or Scotland between 1st January 2017 and 31st July 2018 can be nominated for one of the relevant categories. 

Nominations open on 1st June 2018 and remain open until 24th August 2018

2018 categories:  

  • Outstanding student: The degree to which achievement  and/or progression can be identified in light of any specific challenges faced
  • Outstanding student group: The degree to which collaborative learning has demonstrated the WEA’s commitment to excellence and distance travelled        
  • Outstanding Volunteer: The degree to which the individual has added value to WEA activity and demonstrated a commitment to social purpose  
  • Impact in your local community: The degree to which a WEA branch or volunteer team has facilitated the WEA’s approach to education and learning, brought in new students and raised the profile of the WEA  in their local community 
  • Outstanding tutor: The degree to which the WEA’s commitment to excellence can be demonstrated through the impact of the WEA approach to education and learning on students’ achievement and progression in non-foundation curriculum areas
  • Outstanding staff member/team: The degree to which innovative or exceptional practice has developed WEA business and/or educational or administrative approaches
  • National Partner of the year: The degree to which a strategic partnership has enabled the WEA to raise its profile, influence the sector and raise educational aspirations  
  • Outstanding regional partner: The degree to which a partnership has enabled WEA to maximise resources, raise educational aspirations and enable students to achieve their potential.  
  • Social Impact award: The degree to which an individual/group, through their passion and determination, has inspired others around them to embrace learning opportunities and achieve their potential.
  • Skills for life - tutor of the year (Supported by: Olive Cordell): The degree to which the tutor has shown outstanding commitment to students and delivered high quality and motivating teaching with good results for students in the English, Maths, ESOL or Digital Curriculum
  • Skills for life - student of the year (Supported by: Olive Cordell): The degree to which the student has overcome substantial barriers to learning, achieving beyond their own expectations and inspiring fellow learners in the English, Maths, ESOL or Digital Curriculum

Each English region and Scotland will also select one individual, group or partner from their local nominations to receive their regional award. Award winners will be invited to attend the prestigious Awards event, hosted by our generous headline sponsor KPMG, on 22nd November 2018. 

We are looking for stories and evidence-based nominations that demonstrate the ethos of the WEA in practice.

Nominations will be judged against how well they embody the vision of the WEA and have made an impact.  We will also be asking partners and supporters to sponsor individual awards.

You can nominate someone for an award by completing this online form 

You can download a Word version of the form to help you when drafting. Please provide evidence to support your nomination. 

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Sponsoring the WEA Awards

By sponsoring you are not only helping us to champion and applaud those who deserve it most but you also help us to raise vital funds for our charity. Be a part of this memorable evening. Your contribution is invaluable.

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