A little persistence goes a long way

Punitha came to the UK from India and when she attended her first WEA adult learning course she hadn’t worked for six years. Her learning journey has been a key factor in helping her back into

employment, and it has helped her to adjust to the challenges of making a life for her family in a new country.

Punitha progressed from ESOL to achieving her Level 2 Functional English and Maths qualifications and also Level 2 Helping in Schools – all in less than a year!

She faced cultural and language barriers but persisted and didn’t give up. Thanks to her WEA course and the WEA schools and parenting pathway, she has now secured a job as a midday supervisor at a local school.

Returning to work after a long period of time isn't easy, but it can be a massive confidence boost especially for parents. The courses helped Punitha increase her confidence in helping her own children, especially with phonics and reading, and it helped them to find a love of books and even improved their reading age.

“I really wanted to have some time to myself outside the home, so when I saw a leaflet about the WEA, I signed up for ESOL. I was so happy to be learning again, feeling engaged with something and taking the first steps back into a career. I’ve made friends through the course and got to know people outside the Indian community that I normally mix with.”